Crash course in Raspberry Pi



Course Description:

This course will offer the basic knowledge of the raspberry pi. It will be the first step to allow be able to implement any project on this platform.

Course Targets:

This would allow the participant to learn how to deal with and program microcontrollers and set interfacing to external sensors and actors. This would allow students to be integrated in the university research environment is a fast step. The student would also get in contact to work in a german speaking environment and learn language on the job. Such research activities are mostly paid by research funds as assisting research students.


Fig (1) Raspberry PI training Board

Course components:

The course will cover the following points :

  • Hardware specs of raspberry pi
  • Setting up the operating system, all needed software and other components
  • Basics of Linux operating system and console scripting
  • Python programming language basics
  • Some basics of the electronics
  • Simple LED circuits
  • PWM
  • Infrared sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Others
Length of this course:

Around 7 sessions.

  • Basic knowledge of any programming languages.
  • Basic knowledge in electronics.
  • A lot of willing and passion in these fields.
What to bring with you ?

Only Laptop is needed for the practical part.

Course Instructor:  Ing.  Shadi Katta

Course responsible staff and Coordinator:  Prof. Wael Adi

Registration Link:

(Klick hier)


Funded by:

EE Department at the technical University Braunschweig