Scholarships are offered mainly for arab students

  • PhD, Master and BSc Arab student especially but not limited to  refugees outside their home countries (higher priority for countries in war)
  • Special purpose emergency support

Applications are open especially for students with good educational achievements. Scholarships are funded mainly by donators according to their dedicated purpose and our foundation rules.

Application deadline: is the 15th of each calendar month. Applications are processed on demand monthly depending on fund availability.

Application format: Please send not more than 10 pages including our application cover page ( click here to download it ). Please send all application contents just as a single PDF file starting by our application cover page followed by your CV then attained educational marks/scores and finally a motivation letter describing the objectives of your application.

Please send the PDF file as email with the subject as: Scholarship Application < your last name>
Please send your application to the following email:  
You will get a receipt confirmation by email response after receiving your application.

Decision: Applications would be evaluated by an mainly academic committee by the end of each month or on demand and make decisions on the applicantions. Priorities are given based on: Achievements records, social, human and financial status and our available funding resources.